HMC IVE Troubleshooting

This page offers some basic troubleshooting steps which have helped other users in the past. We will continue to update this page with new information as it becomes available.

System Requirements:

Operating Systems

The currently supported Operating systems are: Windows 2000, and Windows XP SP1. Note: Users who have already loaded SP2 for XP are advised not to uninstall it, but to load a Microsoft patch.

Other Operating Systems

Users of windows 95x, 98x, ME, or Mac OS 7-10x, OS2 Warp, or Linux are not fully supported at this time, sections of the site may or may not work.

Internet Browser

Windows users should have IE 5.5 SP 2 or higher installed as a base system to work from.

Internet Access

High speed internet access (Cable or DSL) is highly recommended.

Tips and Tricks

  1. First check the FAQ page for updated information: http://infonet/irtcomm/remoteaccess/faq_index.htm
  2. If you don't think your computer is downloading all the components needed to run PowerChart and IDX, you you can download them directly from:
  3. If your security settings are too strict on your PC it may not allow you to access the site.

    Warning: Modifying security settings can make a computer more venerable to attack if it is not properly patched. Please refer to the windows update site for patches and fixes: Users are advised NOT to install Windows XP SP2 until all HMC applications have been certified.

    1. The user logging in MUST have administrative rights on their computer. To check this, do the following:
      1. Start: Settings: Users and Passwords
      2. Users tab, right click user name and select properties, group membership tab should say administrators

    2. Microsoft Internet Explorer options to check:
      1. Go to Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Internet Options
      2. General Tab
        1. [Delete Cookies...] --> [OK]
        2. [Delete Files...] --> check Delete all offline content --> [OK]
      3. Security Tab
        1. Click on Trusted sites
        2. Click on the [Sites...] button
          1. Uncheck "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone"
          2. Type --> [Add]
          3. Type --> [Add]
          4. Type --> [Add]
          5. [OK]
      4. Privacy Tab
        • Medium High or lower will allow access.
        • If set at High or Block All Cookies it will not allow you log in.
      5. Content Tab
        1. [Auto Complete...]
        2. [Clear Forms] --> [OK]
        3. [Clear Passwords] --> [OK]
          • Saved or "cached" passwords can cause your account to become locked out.
      6. Advanced Tab
        1. Restore Defaults button
        2. Check "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication (requires restart)"
  4. AntiVirus software should be running and up-to-date. Virus definitions should be less than 10 days old. A virus that is active on a machine can prevent it from connecting.
    • If you are not running up-to-date Anti-Virus software you can install Symantec AntiVirus at home. Employees are allowed to install HMC's licensed version of Symantec AntiVirus at on home systems during their association with the Medical Center.
    • Symantec AntiVirus software will be available from the "HMC software" Bookmark after a user connects to the IVE. Look under "bookmarks once connected to the site.
  5. If you are running Norton Internet Security Suite, IDX will not function properly. NISS must be disabled to allow IDX to run. It does not appear that setting security for IDX within NISS works as it should.
  6. For users running MSN / Google / Yahoo / AOL or other tool bar(s) that have pop-up stoppers these can prevent Powerchart, IDX, Lawson Employee Self Service, and other HMC applications from working correctly. Please check their documentation on how to disable those features or remove them from your system.
  7. Spyware: software installed with or without your permission or knowledge can record passwords and send them to identity theft scam artists can cause problems. We recommend users download and run one of the following programs to detect and remove it from your home systems. A sign of spyware is numerous popups when surfing the web, and when searching the web being redirected to sites other than what you are looking for.
    1. (Spybot Search and Destroy)
    2. (AdAware)